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TESTRUGBY.COM is a free to play fantasy rugby game based on statistical analysis of real-life series, like the Super 15, 6 Nations, Lions Tours or Rugby World Cup. Our statisticians watch each game very carefully to record 13 stats against every player who actually takes the field. We use these stats to create the best fantasy rugby game in the world.

TESTRUGBY.COM was born way back in 2003, just in time for the Rugby World Cup of that year. Fans have been steadily increasing ever since.

Many improvements have been made since then, mostly due to feedback from our passionate fans. A credit system was added in 2011 to allow for new features that the fans wanted to purchase, extra trades being the main one. The other 'biggy' was the addition of 'Team Insurance', which safe-guards competitors from losing points due to an invalid team.

Other major improvements included the addition of a Rugby Forum, where fans can write their own rugby blogs, and the inclusion of a Rugby Wiki where rugby players (real ones, not virtual) can be added to the TESTRUGBY.COM player database.

A view to the future will see the Rugby Wiki grow to include more amateur players, competitions, clubs and games.

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